Reflections on a far More Competitive Second Race

Posted on: 11th May 2016 by: Nigel Lamb

Spielberg was a total contrast to 2016’s first race in Abu Dhabi . . the preparation in Graz and Free Practice days in the track were so relaxed and our team was not bombarded by outside pressures and stress. The racing days are not exactly ‘relaxed’ for any of us but the pressure of racing is what we are used to and what we thrive on. The course and set-up at Spielberg are unique and the best you could ask for: hotel on site; all flying operations from the track: the most three-dimensional track you can imagine; spectacular scenery. Being low down amongst the trees is always a thrill too!

Raceday was a mixed bag for me personally and I’m sure the same for the team. The first two rounds went exactly as planned and I was delighted with our strategies and times. I must admit that reaching the final was a huge relief . . in the 14 races prior to 2015, we made the final 12 times and the podium 9 times. In 2015 I did not reach the final once! A very poor show. In truth, whilst I was happy to be on the podium, I flew a scrappy final and really had a chance to win. No matter how pragmatic you are, when you know you could have done better, it brings a degree of disappointment. Missing 2nd by 0.01 (1 metre!) was tough but to come away with a healthy handful of points really does make me feel that this is the ‘start’ of our 2016 campaign.

Our sincere congratulations to Matthias Dolderer for a fine performance (he certainly held his nerve!) and his first win. He has an impressive lead for so early in the season and we all have our work cut out to catch him.