Lausitz Perspective

Posted on: 5th Sep 2016 by: Nigel Lamb

It’s essential to keep life in perspective, especially in sport. Amongst the negative Olympic news of mosquitoes, unfinished infrastructure and drug cheats, there were plenty of inspirational stories to admire and inspire.

Take Tom Daley, the young British diver, as an example. Tom was top in Qualifying for the 10m platform and the next day his dreams were shattered. With the gold medal hopes of a nation weighing heavily upon his shoulders, his timing was ever so slightly off in all his dives and he came last. His post-defeat words to camera and the tens of millions of viewers were truly humbling.

Here in Lausitz, I smashed the track record in Saturday’s Qualifying. Yesterday I made one tiny 0.027 seconds reaction time error in stopping a roll and that penalty ended my race. Extreme disappointment. Tom Daley has to train very hard for 4 more years to have another crack at gold . . my next podium opportunity comes in three weeks time . . . roll on Indianapolis!