Home Race - Onwards and Upwards!

Posted on: 21st Aug 2015 by: Nigel Lamb

What a weekend! Congratulations to Paul for a fine win. I will be working hard in the next three races to halt his progress but I fear my chances of retaining the World Championship title have all but disappeared. That said, I am reasonably happy with our result on Sunday given that we had no training on Friday and Max was 'man down' with a virus all through Saturday so I did not have the benefit of his analysis until Sunday just before we raced.
Normally, missing training does not bother me but this time, we had reverted back to the 2014 elevator but balanced differently so I was very keen to get some training time in the track with Max breathing over my shoulder. It would have been invaluable but c'est la vie.
Qualification was immensely disappointing AGAIN!! but we closed the gap from 2 secs at the start of Sunday to 0.5 secs by the end so we can head for Spielberg knowing that we have a good chance to win again.
In hindsight, the elevator change we made in the winter was a mistake in that we had no time to assess the performance in a scientific way. But that's history so, for now, I just have to try and win the next three races and see what happens with the championship standings.