Chiba Reflections

Posted on: 26th May 2015 by: Nigel Lamb

I need to fly faster in Qualifying

Two races flown and we're 3rd in the Championship standings but disappointingly far from the top in terms of points. The gap makes it seem irrelevant that we are in a better points position after two races than we were last year.


Our first 2015 race was spoiled by my poor control setup decisions which led to a dismal Qualifying result. Good flying on Raceday in Abu Dhabi was a relief but our winning chances were destroyed by the weighing team breaking our wheel fairings. In Japan, I had a bad Qualifying result again and better results on Raceday. Somehow, I need to stop this trend and find a better performance level in Qualifying; not so easy to achieve this year with so many teams being fast and competitive, but we need to find a way.


Rovinj is the scene of our 2014 propellor misfortune so it would be a sweet feeling to come away with a win this time and a narrower gap in the Championship points. The track looks far more interesting than Japan's and Max has done a detailed analysis which I hope I can transform into reality within a few practice runs this week.