Budapest Reflections

Posted on: 18th Jul 2016 by: Nigel Lamb

The track was tricky even in calm conditions. To have flown so well in similarly turbulent conditions from the first Free Practice and then to put in such an abysmal run when it really counted today is an immense disappointment. What went wrong? A slight change in my plan for the chicane here. The centre pylon was offset meaning much higher Gz around each of the three pylons, especially the last one to get a small jink in before the next gate. On every run so far, I’ve been very close to 12Gz (DQ and lengthy over-G inspection . . more later on this season's Gz issue!) With the rough air and being so marginal (lucky so far) I decided to try being slightly less aggressive at each pylon. A bad idea as I went out of shape in the first chicane, wide on the third and not able to jink for the next gate. Not hitting G7 with a 40 degree through angle was a pleasant surprise. A huge amount of time lost though and I never managed to ‘recover'


The positives . . . none of my usual over-rolling in the gate penalties for three races now; 6th is not so terrible; second place in the championship is well within reach at the season halfway point and . . congratulations to Matthias for another win . . what a wonderful season he’s having . . but he’s still not unbeatable :-)


The pressure’s on for a home win in Ascot!