All Set for 2016

Posted on: 23rd Feb 2016 by: Nigel Lamb

We were delighted to see the MXS off to Germany on Friday to catch the air transport to Abu Dhabi this week. The MXS is very well setup and I enjoyed about 20 air testing / training flights in the last three weeks. There’s only so much you can do without being in the track...You have to work on re-building your Gz tolerance and spatial awareness at over 400 deg / sec rolling and ever impressive pitch rates and then working on accuracy and precision and doing lots of high-G stalling. We’re lucky in the UK to be allowed to fly down to the surface (as long as you are '500 feet clear of man, vessel, vehicle or structure’) so I have a few favourite places locally where I can get down very low. Sadly, there were too many birds around this year to make it a safe option so I’ve been much higher than I’d like. After a while this becomes rather tedious and you just want to get down amongst the air gates!
I am very happy that we made the decision not to play around with the aileron or elevator setup as I did the last year with such abysmal results. We’ve sent a fine handling MXS to the first race and all I can do now is work on my own mental and physical preparation and hope that none of the other competitors has managed to produce too many additional knots!!