Nigel Huxtable

Team Technician

The Team’s ‘Flying Doctor’ Nigel Huxtable is an experienced aircraft engineer and pilot who loves flying and anything to do with life in three dimensions.Having known Nigel Lamb for more than 20 years, the pair have built up a solid working partnership.

Not a new face to the circuit, Nigel joined the team at the start of Lamb’s third Air Race season in 2007. He quickly acquired the nickname ‘Hux’ as it became apparent that having two ‘Nigel’s’ in the hangar was very confusing. With 40 years’ experience maintaining aircraft of all shapes and sizes, ‘Hux’ is something of a walking aviation encyclopaedia.

Having rebuilt his own classic aeroplanes and assisted with many others, including a Supermarine MK XIV Spitfire, and recently a midget Mustang, he is perfectly placed to get the most out of the MXS race plane’s performance. Making a range of technical, weight saving and aerodynamic modifications since the aircraft’s introduction, his work helped to propel Lamb to Championship victory in 2014.

Between races Hux can be found managing ATS Engineering Ltd. close to his home in Buckinghamshire, England.  Luckily he shares his passion for aviation with his wife Sally, daughter SJ and son Mark. Together they are looking forward to the 2016 season and supporting The Breitling Racing Team once again on their route to try and claim back the Championship title.