Rough with the smooth

Posted on: 20th Mar 2009

Some days are better than others. Lots of brainstorming then weeks and months of work can be dedicated to an idea and, mostly, the result is good. Life is not always like that though so there can be plenty of frustration along the way. After a great day on Wednesday, yesterday was a bit like that. Some of the speed tests were less than convincing. I am hoping this may have been down to inaccurate flying in very hazy conditions. After all, we are looking for tiny increments so less than perfect flying can throw in erroneous results. Off to Mick Allens paintshop at Turweston today for the final touchup; back on Monday for more testing through the week and final logos will be applied next Friday. After today, four more days of testing and practice before we ship to Abu Dhabi. Not enough hours in the day!!!Looking forward to the weekend though...a rugby indulgence tomorrow afternoon (will England impress against the Scots? Can Ireland beat Wales? France/Italy will not be so interesting now ....Mothers Day on Sunday...