Quiet before the storm

Posted on: 23rd Nov 2009

It’s all gone very quiet. The 2010 Technical Regulations have been re-written and published. All teams have made their interpretations and no-doubt there’s a lot of activity in various hangars around the globe. But, there’s not a lot of overt activity. I guess this means each team has a solid plan to get to the first race with a competitive machine. We do, but it’s mostly based on theory.Theoretical plans are easy; practical ones not so. Just like in F1, we’re all chasing milliseconds. Only, F1 teams have massive resources including 24-7 wind tunnels. Since our half-scale models would have a 4 metre wingspan, an enormous wind tunnel is simply not an option. So, on the whole, all we have is theory; computer and thumb sucking theory. Most obvious improvements have already been done. All the aircraft will be at or near the minimum weight (540kgs) so the focus for 2010 is on power and small aerodynamic enhancements. Our team is doing as much as possible in every department and working on options. It’s always good to have options! Meanwhile, it’s a man/machine package so, even as Christmas approaches, it’s time to knuckle down for some hard graft.The good thing about heading into an oven (recently 41 C in Sydney / Temora) is that is blunts the appetite. The bad news is that all those tempting excuses to avoid exercise are sharpened.