Nigel Invited to Speak at 'Get into Aeros'

Posted on: 2nd Feb 2016

The British Aerobatic Association (BAeA) is holding a ‘Get into Aeros’ event in May at Sleap airfield.  Designed to introduce pilots under the age of 30 to the world of aerobatics, and the benefits this skill brings to their flying, this is the first step to develop the new generation of aerobatic pilots that could go on to represent Great Britain on the world stage.


Motorsport, the aspirational target of many young and new drivers, is well known for its technological and safety benefits, developing skills in drivers that lead them to better understand and mitigate risk on the road. In fact, most sports and activities when taken to extreme offer benefits in less extreme environments by offering insights into behaviours, both of machine and human, that can be used to train and develop other participants to great effect.

Aviation is one such activity where pilots can benefit from pushing their skills to the extreme to understand the limits of their aircraft and how to mitigate risk and develop skills that could see them compete at international level. 

Britain has a rich heritage of success in aerobatics and the BAeA is now looking for the next generation of pilots to build on that success with the goal of British pilots winning team and individual medals at future world and European championships.

On the 7th and 8th May the BAeA will hold a two day ‘Get into Aeros’ event at Sleap airfield in Shropshire. The event has proved popular with all 20 places being sold out in just four days, each pilot will receive two training flights with a qualified instructor.  Priced at just £99 this is a great opportunity for pilots to improve their skill and discover a new sport where competing at a world championship is a realistic goal.

In PPL (private pilot licence) training students are shown ‘unusual attitudes’ and how to recover and avoid them and this can often become a restriction throughout their pilot careers.  Aerobatics will teach them that there is no such thing as an unusual attitude, only that of the pilot, and helps develop better risk management based on knowledge and ability and better recognition of what the aircraft is doing and how to safely control the aircraft at the extremes of flight.

Red Bull Air Race star and multiple British National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, Nigel Lamb, will also attend the weekend to give advice.  “I fell in love with the three-dimensional freedom of aerobatics during my airforce training and it has been the cornerstone of my career for 40 years. Not only can you learn to soar with the eagles, but aerobatics teaches you to understand your own limitations and those of your aircraft. I cannot imagine it’s possible to be totally at ease in the air without feeling comfortable in any attitude! Like most things in life, it’s a lot easier than most people imagine and you will be amazed at how quickly you can develop the skills . . you just need to build the right foundation, step by step. Competition aerobatics has to be that first step; it gives you clear goals and objectives and it’s a fundamental skill you need to compete in one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of motorsport.”

Gerald Cooper, current British aerobatic champion and ranked number 4 in the world will also be in attendance giving his world class display.  “If you just want to improve your handling skills and understand your aircraft aerobatics is unrivalled in that respect.  However, there is a whole world beyond just the basic training and, with some dedication and application, can lead to a sporting career like no other but you have to take that first step and remove those trained in restrictions on your flying.”

Once through this aerobatics weekend pilots will be able to apply for their BAeA proficiency sign-off to enter aerobatic competitions and start on the road to a competition career in aerobatics.

Although the May event is sold out the BAeA is taking details of pilots for future events on a first come basis.

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