Final tweaks

Posted on: 24th Mar 2009

So what happens in the last week? The swan is perhaps not so composed these days .... lots of furious paddling beneath the surface. Too much to do...way more than you ever plan! Strangely, this year there seem to be few rumours about what the other teams are up to. It is probably because we are all too busy to notice.... not much we can do other than focus on our own plans; try to be ready in time and hope our plans and schemes give us a competitive machine at the first race. I flew the MS back from the paint shop yesterday. A fun take-off in a 30kts headwind so literally went up vertically!! Awesome! Now we have a battle between engineering needs and flight testing. There are many finessing jobs Hux needs to do before the weekend and, meanwhile, I want to do more testing. Fortunately, the control set-up is good .. I am very happy with the handling so the focus has to be on testing Huxs final tweaks. Fingers crossed.