Breitling Racing Teams Strengthen Technical Tactics For 2016 Season

Posted on: 21st Jan 2016

For 2016 both the French and English Breitling Racing Teams competing in the Red Bull Air Race World Championships, are strengthening their technical tactics to gain every competitive advantage for the 2016 season.


MX specialist and fellow Zimbabwean Mark Hensman, joins Nigel Lamb as the team-travelling technician. A highly experienced aviation technician, Mark is also a seasoned commercial, successful aerobatic and global display pilot. Having all these attributes will ensure he can marry the required piloting and technical skills together to be able to optimize the podium capable MXS_R. Mark will assist the team at 8 races around the globe ensuring every last ounce of speed is available for Nigel Lamb to regain his World Championship title this year.


Completing the technical dual-force, Nigel ‘Hux’ Huxtable, the teams’s highly valued technician for 7 years will still be on hand to assist from the UK. Hux will offer his support and in-depth knowledge of the MXS-R, which he rebuilt and streamlined, an essential factor of Nigel Lamb securing the 2014 World Championship trophy.


In the French Camp, 2015 technician Philippe Alberola now takes the reins as the Team Coordinator, using his experience and managerial skills to provide François Le Vot an ideal environment to move up the pilot rankings. This creates a space for Louisiana based aviation technician and enthusiast Javis Allison to add some American flare to the previously all-French team. With extensive experience working on corporate jets, helicopters and privately owned aircraft ranging from Cessna 150s to Boeing 757s over the last 19 years, Javis is well equipped to meet the demands and challenges the Red Bull Air Race has to offer.

The combined technical skills and experience of Javis and Philippe will give François Le Vot the competitive edge that he requires to attack the 2016 season with the confidence that he can utilize one of the strongest technical teams in the series.


Mark Hensman Comments:

““It’s a wonderful and unique opportunity to have been invited join Nigel and the Breitling Racing Team. For me it’s a chance to work with awesome people and to really put to use the knowledge and skills gleaned from some forty years in sport aviation. Being a competing MX pilot myself gives me a strong appreciation of Nigel’s point of view and a good understanding of what he what he wants from his machine and it’s systems. It’s an aircraft I understand inside out and I know it’s quirks and it’s strengths. I look forward to working with Hux to give Nigel [Lamb] the best technical advantage to get back on the top step in 2016!”


Javis Allison Comments:

“My favorite aircraft to work on are the Edge 540, Extra 300 and the MXS, I love the high performance machinery and cutting edge aerodynamics. I’m looking forward to rising to the challenge and pitching my skills against the best of the best to ensure the Edge 540 is in tip-top condition to maintain energy and speed through the track.”


Editors Notes


More About Mark Hensman: Nigel Lamb’s Travelling Technician

Although an experienced technician, Mark Hensman is also just as comfortable at the controls of the MX having competed and displayed the high performance machine for many years.

At a young age, Mark’s interest in model aircraft progressed into competition gliding, which led to a career as an airline pilot in 1991. During this career Mark crossed paths with Nigel Lamb and they flew DC8’s together throughout Africa and the world building the foundations of a strong aviation partnership.

In alignment with commercial flying, Mark built his first aerobatic aircraft, a Christen Eagle, which he entered for his first aerobatics competition in 1995 (Advanced World Aerobatic Championships) – under the guidance of his mentor, Nigel Lamb!

Mark has since competed in 5 World Aerobatic Championships at both Advanced and Unlimited level gaining 2 silver medals in the process. He has twice held the title of South African Aerobatic Champion.


In 2012 Mark relinquished his career as a Boeing 747 training Captain in favour of pursuing his dream to run his own Aerobatic Formation Display Team. He is currently the manager, lead pilot and chief engineer of the four-ship FireStars Aerobatic Team, which operates primarily in China.


More about Javis Allison: François Le Vot’s Technician

Javis Allison, a Louisiana born and bred aviation enthusiast, joins François and Philippe adding an American impression to the former all-French Master Class team. As the team technician, Javis will travel to all eight global destinations ensuring that the Breitling Racing Team Edge 540 is fully optimised for François to climb up the leader board rankings. 


With extensive experience working on corporate jets, helicopters and privately owned aircraft ranging from a Cessna 150 to Boeing 757 for the last 19 years, he couldn’t be a more pertinent fit for his new role. 

Javis also understands the demands of aerial competitions having worked with some of the top aerobatics pilots in the world. He realizes and doesn’t underestimate the requirements for high G, high speed, flying and is set to ensure that safety is the number one priority alongside the need for speed and performance. 


After working on a range of various aircraft, his personal favorite are the Edge 540, Extra 300 and the MXS, loving high performance machinery and cutting edge aerodynamics. Javis is relishing the challenge of pitching his skills against the best of the best and testing his ability to ensure the race aircraft is in tip-top condition to maintain energy and speed through the track. 

Now living in New Orleans, Javis follows the philosophy of “Joie de vivre”; the joy of living. 

Outside of work Javis’ passion is being on the water, being a keen wakeboarder, while on the land he appreciates and enjoys listening to the New Orleans jazz


Alois Redi Pic Timmersdorf Austria