Max Lamb

Track and Tactical Analyst

The forward thinking and close-knit values of the Breitling Racing Team are reflected in the addition of this latest role. Keeping the team at the forefront of the tactical and analytical game is now the task of Nigel’s son, Max Lamb. He has quickly become invaluable and provided the finesse and consistency that helped guide Nigel to victory in the 2014 Championships.

Track and flight analysis are the key tasks for Max who recently completed a degree in Engineering, graduating in July 2014. Using his engineering knowledge, specifically designed programs and his family’s background in aviation Max finds what he believes is the fastest path through the track; but it is in communicating the findings, drawing on his relationship with Nigel, where the real consistency and fractions of seconds are gained!

Between team commitments Max spends most of his time restoring classic cars and exploring the world between race locations. ‘It is the perfect opportunity to put my background experiences and passion for creative engineering to practical and competitive use. Being part of such an awesome team in a fast paced and high pressure environment just adds to the fun!’