Tough start for 2010

Posted on: 24th Mar 2010

I cant remember such a tough pre-first-race week! Installing all the new equipment and preparing the MXS for the first race in this heat has demanded very long hours. At last, the first official timed training is upon us! By the end of today, well have a rough idea of which teams winter work has been effective. Its always best to ignore day 1 training but, this being the first race of 2010, weve all had a few extra sessions in this track so tomorrows timings will be interesting.Theres a lot of interest in our winglets and thats not surprising. Everyone will clearly understand the aerodynamic logic behind them and the benefits that the boffins say they should bring. Theory and reality are often at odds so my feeling is that most of the teams will be keenly studying the sector times to try and work out if theres a pattern, which could identify the effectiveness of the winglets specifically. Weve dome several other modifications but it might be possible to isolate the effectiveness of the winglets. If thats the case, and they are seen to be working well, I am sure everyone will want them! On the other hand, we may have spent 18 months of time, effort, passion and money on an ineffective gamble.Thats racing! Other teams will be feeling just the same. Its been so busy, Ive hardly had time to look around the pit lane but here are a few observations. Archs team looks big and rumour has it they have a lot of clever technology in terms of data analysis. I hope Hannes doesnt spend too much time looking at the numbers because the gates do come past quite quickly - like about once every 3.8 seconds in this track! Bonhommes Edge looks much the same as last year but I believe he has more power, less weight and his cooling flap will be effective. Nicolas Ivanoff will be hoping his Edge performs better than it sounds!! No disrespect... his Edge looks stunning but its easy to get things wrong and lose performance with exhausts. On the other hand, his could be the fastest Edge out there. We shall see soon enough. As expected, Peter Besenyeis new Corvus is delayed and Id say much of the rest of my pre-arrival thinking still stands.This will be a very interesting week. Every team will have high hopes but there can only be one winner.