Team Breitling takes 4th in Abu Dhabi

Posted on: 19th Apr 2009

4th place in the end. Last is worst, second can be a bad place, 4th is better than 5th but, its not what we aimed for. The big stories of the week were a stunning performance by Nicolas Ivanoff in his new and relatively stock Edge; the fact that aerodynamics has less of a role to play now than many thought (important, yes, but not at the expense of all else); an excellent rookie start for Matt Hall and the fact that we all need to raise our game to beat the one pilot who has more weapons and advantages in his arsenal than any other team, bar none. Its good to get 8 points on the board and weve achieved several goals we set at the end of last season. Being on the minimum race weight was the toughest and Hux deserves enormous credit for making that a reality. Weve got a great new engine from Lycon. Its really smooth and feels good but I think we have more to do to maximise its full potential. We have an aircraft which is phenominally agile but I now hanker for more roll rate, despite the 420 or so degrees a second we have right now. We did not manage to get all the aerodynamic tweaks in place for Abu Dhabi so theres more to come. But, more important than anything else is that I have to adapt my training strategy and modify my racing philosophy in order to increase my laptimes. Now that our support team is well established and has already achieved goals we set for May (well done Becci!), I feel sure that I can be more focused on strategies and tactics. At the start of the training days, I tend to post reasonably respectable times and these do improve as race day approaches. Others tend to make just that little more of an improvement as raceday approaches and thats what I need to achieve too.