Spring in Spielberg will start a fresh season for Lamb

Posted on: 20th Apr 2016

Nigel Lamb is ready to reboot his Red Bull Air Race season, and there’s no better place than this weekend’s stop at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, where the British pilot clinched the World Championship in 2014.


If there’s one thing that Nigel Lamb learned at the Red Bull Air Race season opener last month, it’s that he’s got the pace. The British pilot had the second-fastest raw time in the Round of 14, but due to three seconds of penalties, he wasn’t able to advance in his head-to-head against Canada’s Pete McLeod.


With the focus of a champion – the 2014 World Champion, to be exact – Lamb and his Breitling Racing Team are ready to put the result behind them and start afresh this weekend when the Red Bull Air Race World Championship returns to the very place where the pilot clinched his title, Spielberg, Austria.


While far from satisfied with his current 11th place in the overall standings, Lamb has a lot of positives on his side as he looks ahead to the remaining seven races of the season. Not only did he set a blistering pace in Abu Dhabi, but his MXS-R raceplane is handling beautifully and he was able to take the race line the team was aiming for. If they can resolve some seeming data discrepancies that were troublesome in the season opener, all the components for success will be there.


“I just hope our 2016 bad luck is out of the way now,” says the pilot, who is keen to make the most of what will be his final season before retirement by adding to his 12 race podiums and pushing for another title. Pointing out that this is the first time the Spielberg race will be held in the springtime, he adds, “We’re really looking forward to it.”


In the Red Bull Air Race, which is the official world championship of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the world's top pilots hit speeds of 370kmh while enduring forces of up to 10G as they navigate a low-level slalom track marked by 25-meter-high, air-filled pylons. It’s the ultimate motorsport series in the sky. New this year, Nigel Lamb is helping to pioneer a new Master Mentoring Program developed by the Race Committee, in which 2015 Challenger Cup Champion Mika Brageot will train intensively with the pilot and his Breitling Racing Team throughout the season.


The action at the Red Bull Ring begins with Qualifying on Saturday, 23 April, followed by Race Day on Sunday, 24 April 2016.