Reflecting on the disappointment, but keeping things in perspective.

Posted on: 19th Jul 2010

It’s hard to express emotions after hearing that, in addition to Porto, Budapest (‘Birthplace of the Red Bull Air Race’ .. ‘flagship venue’ etc) has been cancelled. The fact is, there cannot be a motorsport on the planet that is more complex to organise. The reason why we have not been in London since 2008 must have something to do with the fact that permission was required from 43 agencies. That’s right….43! Can you imagine the fortitude required to deal with that?Our last race was in the heart of New York City. A truly amazing 2 year organisational feat. Can you imagine how easy it would have been for just one agency to find a reason to say ‘No’ ? Like Stockholm 2006. So, as we reflect on our deep disappointment, let’s keep things in perspective and be both happy and amazed that in the short 7 year’s history of our sport, we’ve had 49 successful races on 5 continents and only a few cancellations by comparison.Apart from disappointment for the organisers who’ve put so much work into this project, the team members, the sponsors and the fans, how does it feel for a competitor with only one race left? This competitor is obviously badly placed in terms of a championship win. I’d need to win Qualifying and the race and have Team Bonhomme to be way off form or have a major technical problem. The odds are not in my favour. Always have a plan though! Ours is to head for Germany determined to enjoy the last race of 2010; fly as well as possible; aim for a win and see what happens with the points.We’ve just done a ‘Meet and Greet’ at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. A big thankyou mainly to Becci and Team Bonhomme for pulling everyone together to make it happen. Thanks also to all the fans who came by to say hello. My son Dan and I arrived in Spain last night to do 4 days filming with the MX2 and some Breitling jets for a short movie. Meanwhile, Hux flew the MXS out of RIAT and a few small modifications are being done this week in preparation for testing and training all of next week prior to heading over to Lausitz in Germany.Pragmatism prevails in Team Breitling and we relish the next challenge.