Podium perks In Rio

Posted on: 11th May 2010

As things are wrapped up here in Rio, Team Breitling has a lot to be pleased about. First, our British Airways 777 is en-route and UK airspace seems clear of volcanic disruption so the idea of being home tomorrow is marvelous. On top of that, we come away second in the world championship and with a smaller gap from the leader.Getting on top will be incredibly hard this year with many teams making continual upgrades. We’ve already seen several engine changes since Abu Dhabi and when there’s enough time, I’m sure some aerodynamic improvements will appear. Before Windsor I’d say; hopefully nothing too radical!There are still 5 races and every team runs the risk of missing a crucial qualifier or race; illness, a ‘no start’ or other technical failure. More important is the fact that several teams are still easily capable of the podium; one tiny error on one part of the track could make for a long slide down the ladder. This is not like Formula One where the driver can have many laps to make up for a small error.I was wrong in my pre-training track analysis here. The track was far easier to fly than I predicted but the fact is, no matter how easy any track may be, it’s always tough to win. I am becoming more convinced about the effectiveness of the winglets and what they need is a track with plenty of turning. The four long straights here in Rio were no help in that regard and the Windsor track has less turning than I’d like. New York looks extremely interesting ... almost continuous turning like a wasp in jar!Our winter package has placed us in a very competitive position. The Barrett engine is performing well and as long as we don’t have any power problems and no other teams make a significant improvement before Windsor, we should have a winning capability in the next two races. After New York, we have the MXS back in England for a few weeks before Germany and we plan to use that time wisely.Without doubt, the next few races promise to bring plenty of excitement with the championship still wide open. Now it’s time to pack and head home to be with the family