Lamb looks to make it a last, best season

Posted on: 10th Mar 2016

2014 Red Bull Air Race World Champion Nigel Lamb has announced that he will retire in October, but in the meantime, he’ll be pushing all the way to the finish line in the quest for a second title.


As the 2016 season of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship kicks off in Abu Dhabi for the ninth consecutive time this weekend, British pilot Nigel Lamb has been squarely in the spotlight after announcing that he’ll be hanging up his racing gloves following the season finale in Las Vegas this October. But the 2014 World Champion is much too busy planning his campaign for a second overall title to waste time contemplating retirement.


Lamb was never content with one title alone, and he and his Breitling Racing Team were frustrated in 2015 when experiments with their raceplane equipment actually hindered performance rather than boosting it. By the end of the season, however, they had remedied the situation; and now, back on track and with the experience of 12 race podiums so far, they’re set to charge. ?


To gain every competitive advantage, the team will take a two-pronged technical approach, with MX aircraft specialist Mark Hensman as its traveling technician, while Nigel “Hux” Huxtable, the team’s technician for seven years including the championship season, contributing his expertise from the UK.?


Lamb and his team members are sharing their knowledge, too, in pioneering a Master Mentoring Program developed by the Race Committee. The 2015 Challenger Cup Champion Mikael “Mika” Brageot will train with them intensively this year, flying Lamb’s raceplane at most Red Bull Air Race stops and receiving firsthand mentoring. ??When it comes to racing, Nigel Lamb has never been one to hold back, so it’s not quite fair to wonder if he’s “saved” the best for last. But it’s certain that he’ll give his best in this last season, and this weekend, the crowds in Abu Dhabi will be the first to savor that experience.


“This Red Bull Air Race encompasses everything that fuels my passion for flying –  the speed at extreme low altitude in a high-performance flying machine and the fact that we can compete to millisecond margins in such a professional and challenging environment,” Lamb says. “I will do all I can to win this year.”?


The action begins with Qualifying on Friday followed by Race Day on Saturday, 12 March 2016.