Lamb Has Eyes on podium finish in Dallas

Posted on: 24th Sep 2015


FORT WORTH, Texas (USA) Defending champion Nigel Lamb will be going all out to finish the season on a high note in the world's fastest motorsport series with hopes for two victories in the last two stops in the United States that would put him on the overall podium this season.


Lamb, who won the 2014 championship with clutch performances down the stretch, believes that he can set himself up for another title in 2016 with a strong finish to this season. He has set an ambitious target of winning the last two races in Fort Worth and Las Vegas, results that could catapult him from sixth place (17 points) to possibly as high as third overall -- currently held by Austria's Hannes Arch (30 points).


"I'm definitely feeling optimistic in Fort Worth," said Lamb. "My goals are to win the final two races. It's my only hope of getting onto the championship podium at the end of the year so I'll be pushing hard here in Fort Worth."


Lamb warns that the Fort Worth track has been altered this season. The tracks at the last two races -- in Ascot, England and Spielberg, Austria -- were identical in 2014 and 2015. "It looks like this year's track is a better design than last year's," Lamb said. "There are huge buildings here in Fort Worth that make it such a challenge. If the wind picks up, it makes the track very hard to fly."


Lamb has struggled at times this season but usually been on top of his game on race day. He came close to reaching the Final Four in four of the six races so far and with a bit more luck could have been in four finals with a lot more points.


"I’ve had a really tough season, and lady luck has not been on our side either," he said. "It would be a huge boost for moral to end on a high note so we can go into the 2016 season with greater confidence, and with the aim of claiming back the championship title! This year, I’ve been trying too many different elevator setups and have failed to get the consistency we had last year. I’m hoping we can resolve that here and, after all the disappointments, it would really mean a lot to be able to climb onto the championship podium in Las Vegas. A tough challenge but one worth fighting for."