Knee deep in muck

Posted on: 6th Apr 2009

Two days before I leave for Abu Dhabi and I find myself knee deep in a trench full of mud as we try to rectify some drainage between two ponds where I live. We should have done a better job 7 years ago! No matter, its a fun break from the last three months of intensive work getting the Breitling MXS race ready and theres plenty of time to reflect on the first race of 2009. The rumour mill is extremely quiet this year and thats no surprise. The stakes are way higher than in previous years so all the teams are being very cagey about what theyve been up to in the winter months. When we arrive in Abu Dhabi, I expect to find the same level of secrecy. Obviously, some modifications will be easy to see but many wont. Well spend a few days on a specially prepared practice track before the race week starts. This is a welcome opportunity for us all to brush away those last few lingering winter cobwebs and re-acquaint ourselves with feeling comfortable near maximum turning performance at extreme low level. I expect well only get a realistic impression of which teams and which modifications have come out on top once we get into the official race practice on April 15th. Fingers crossed for the Breitling Team to be at or near the top!