Even with a pedestrian pace team Breitling secures 2nd in qualification

Posted on: 27th Mar 2010

Nigel Lamb (2nd) had plenty to smile about as he flew a pair of clean runs in Qualifying. Fast times on both occasions did much to lift the spirits of Team Breitling. “I kept my nose clean today but maybe I should have taken more of a gamble,” pondered Lamb. “I was a little bit conservative with my line into gate 3 as I’d just seen Nicolas Ivanoff go into it but I took 1.3 seconds off the first run. I felt lumbering and pedestrian in the first run but seeing some of the sector times, I’m now thinking maybe if I’d cut a few more corners then I could’ve had that point.” Lamb said he was planning to look at his technique for flying through the problematic gate ahead of the race tomorrow. “It’s an absolutely crucial gate for two reasons – how you get there and how you leave. You can cut the corner after gate 2 but it’s dodgy to do that as you’re very likely to hit the gate,” he added.