Disappointing Race Day in Budapest

Posted on: 7th Jul 2015

Nigel and the Breitling Racing Team leave the fourth race of the Championship in Budapest with only 1 Championship point after an over G in both the Round of 14 and the Round of 8. 

Nigel comments;

Such a tiny margin! The way the track was designed, the only way to win was to be right on the Race G limit (10Gz, the MXS has a 14Gz limit) for as long as possible especially through the two flat turns. Max was constantly analysing the G trace on each turn and whilst most were pretty good, it was clear that I was ‘hunting’ with the new, lighter elevator and for sure this was where I was losing a LOT of time. Prob 0.6 secs on each one. Most other sectors were very good. On raceday, in R14 I knew that I would beat Nicolas no matter what I did because with his DNF, I could pretty well do anything and go through. The format would even allow for an unsporting character to fly through the start gate and pull off the track for a Safety Climb Out !! .  . a waste of time of course so best to use the session to try and get the Gz right . . I was <9% over the limit on turn one and ‘end of sports’ for me . . .disappointed but relaxed as I was through anyway. Thank goodness I did not go out the same way in the R8! But gutted nevertheless to over G on the VTM . . . by <3%. Not a great feeling to get a championship point without even finishing a session . . but that’s the format for you. With the MXS back in England, we will now do some previously impossible scientific flight analysis and who knows, if I can get more consistent G traces with the original elevator, that may make all the difference in Ascot. There are still 48 points available so, all is not over J