Nigel Lamb Moves up to Third Position in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Standings

Posted on: 18th May 2015

Nigel Lamb Moves up to Third Position in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Standings, after the First Race in Japan

May 17th Chiba, Japan. The pilots wearing Breitling Racing Team Flight suits achieved mixed results in the first ever Red Bull Air Race in Japan.
The fastest motorsport in the world saw 14 of the world’s best pilots racing through 25meter high pylons, at speeds of 370km/h.  Record crowds of 120,000 lined the shores of Tokyo Bay in Chiba City, Japan, to support the international pilots, but in particular the local hero Yoshihide Muroya.

The 2014 World Champion, Nigel Lamb had a disappointing qualification session and started the race day rounds from a daunting 11th place. This meant he had to take on fellow MXS-R pilot Matt Hall, in the first head-2-head, who has been consistently fast this season. Even though the Australian ace beat Nigel by just a fraction of a second, Nigel preceded through to the Round of Eight as the fastest loser, only to face the in-form Frenchman, Nicolas Ivanoff.

Unfortunately, for Nigel who set a clean, fast time, Nicolas crept passed by 0.3 of a second forcing the tenacious Brit into fifth place. However, with the extra points Nigel moves up the World Championship standings into an encouraging 3rd place, behind Matt Hall and fellow countryman Paul Bonhomme.

Nigel Lamb comments: “I can’t say I am not disappointed by this result, of course it would have been nice to be on the podium, but we didn’t have a great time in qualifying, so after the times today I am relieved that we are not so far off the pace of the leaders. We are actually in a better position now then we were after the 2nd race in 2014 and that season ended up pretty well for us! We just have to remember that the season is a campaign and not a single battle.”