Another great day, but it’s what happens in the track tomorrow that counts

Posted on: 16th Apr 2009

Training 3 was certainly very satisfying, I felt I was reaching small goals, which achieved the desired effect overall. In particular, I tried different variants of the vertical turning manoeuvre which really paid dividends. I felt very disappointed with my time in the 4th training round. I adapted my strategy to include the very different wind conditions and felt I could have achieved a faster outcome. The fact that I ended the session with the fastest time shows me that many of the other pilots will be feeling just the same… but I guess that’s just training!! For me the man to watch is Nicolas, he was very unfortunate to be disqualified in this afternoon’s session, and has been posting impressive times all day. But tomorrow is the big day, because Team Breitling have invested a lot of hard work over the last 5 months focused on the first qualifying session of 2009… there maybe a few fretful moments over night here in Abu Dhabi… have we chosen the right strategy?