All To Race for with the Red Bull Air Race World Champion Podium Still in Reach

Posted on: 14th Oct 2015


Las Vegas, USA: The final stop of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2015 season will be held

at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in southern Nevada, USA on the 17th and 18th October. Constructed

in 1996, the 1.5 mile, tri-oval, Nascar track, is the focal point of the 1,600-acre multi-track facility. With up

to 20-degree banked turns the track is a favourite for motorsports fans, providing a unique experience for

up to 131,000 spectators. Fourteen of the World’s elite pilots will be eager to take this last opportunity to

prove who is quickest and most precise through the air, reaching 230mph and enduring forces of 10G

whilst navigating through 25 metre high air-filled pylons.


Although the World Championship title is only within reach for the steely British pilot, Paul Bonhomme

and Australian ace, Matt Hall, the Breitling Racing team pilots are set on achieving a positive end to a

volatile and unpredictable season. The 2014 World Champion Nigel Lamb, although resigned to

relinquishing his prestigious title, is aiming to overcome the Vegas-odds and step into an overall third



Last year, British pilot Nigel Lamb was second at this location, the penultimate race of the season,

before becoming the 2014 World Champion, so he approaches this year’s challenge with high morale,

“I’m going to Las Vegas with confidence. I feel I’ve found my form again and I’m really looking forward to

it,” said Lamb.

Following continuous alterations with the elevator and handling of the aircraft, Lamb and his team have

reverted to the original set-up that was so successful last year. “Changing the elevator this year was a

mistake, but only because we did not have time to set it up well and for me to get used to it. The highly

competitive nature of this sport means that teams are always evolving and improving; I know that a

different, well set up elevator will improve the pitching capability of the MXS, but for now we have to

revert back to what works,” Lamb concluded.


Lamb’s aim for Las Vegas is to gain the maximum available points by flying clean, fast and safe rounds,

with his usual perfected lines. Following Fort Worth where he broke the track record by over one second

in the Round of 14, the experienced Brit will use this positivity to propel him with confidence through the

aerial track, where just hundredths of a second make all the difference between success and



The philosophical French airman, François Le Vot, will be going to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for

his first time as a Master Class pilot. Having endured a highly educational season, François’ main

concern will be finding his pace in the racetrack and determining his own way of working which will bring

him the success he has been used to in his previous aerobatic career.


“I know that I have to set up a method where I’ll mainly focus on the flight and I think we’re on the way to

a more successful season next year,” commented Le Vot. “With Las Vegas being the last race of the season I have nothing to lose, so I will try to really tighten my lines; maybe that is the only solution to fill in the timing gap between me and the other pilots. I’m feeling more relaxed yet more efficient at the same time!” Le Vot added. Providing the typical desert temperatures don’t soar too high and excessive temperatures within the engine, the French pilot will be eager to put in a solid performance, working on his line and pace and taking away positive foundations to put in place for 2016."