Formation Display

Aerobatic Displays Ltd has been operating a formation display team since the late 1970's providing an exhilarating demonstration of 3-dimensional freedom with a combination of a high performance state-of-the-art monoplane and three classic bi-planes. The spectacular action includes close formation flying, synchronised and opposition manoeuvres and a world-class solo.

Initially the team flew mostly in the United Kingdom before increasing to four aircraft and displaying throughout Europe and the Far East, including an extensive tour of China. It has represented companies such as Breitling, Marlboro, Ford, Toyota/Lexus, Benson & Hedges.


The highly mobile team can be shipped anywhere in the world at short notice and this flexibility has enabled various sponsors to be the first to use this unique medium in such countries as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Team leader, Nigel Lamb is one of the worlds top aerobatic pilots and in addition to competing in what has been described as ‘the worlds’ most exciting motor sport’: the new Red Bull Air Race World Series, Nigel has:

  • 27 years experience as a professional display pilot
  • flown more than 1,650 public displays
  • won the British Unlimited Aerobatic Championships 8 times in succession

Flying aerobatics in such close proximity requires outstanding flying skills. Our formation pilots have it in abundance. They are all professional pilots with many years display and passenger flying experience; they have all flown hundreds of public displays and, above all they all share the same passion for flying!


Our team flies a combination of aircraft, each of which has superb aerobatic agility and symmetrical wings. This means that they can fly equally well upside down as the right way up.

Pitts special S2A

  • world famous factory-built bi-plane
  • light-weight wood, fabric and tubular steel construction gives an excellent power to weight ratio
  • enormous strength / exceptional agility / rugged reliability
  • +6 / -3 G
  • Roll rate 200 degrees/second
  • Fuel injected, air-cooled four cylinder flat 4 200 HP Lycoming engine
  • Capacity 360 cubic inches
  • AEIO-360-A1A
  • 3.1 Kgs / HP at display weight
  • 125 Knots cruise / 138 kts/ 253kmh/157mph max level speed
  • Maximum Diving Speed 327 km /203 mph (This is called VNE: speed never to exceed)
  • 90 litre fuel tank
  • 250 Nautical Mile range +- 500km


  • Latest state-of-the-art display and competition machine
  • Carbon monocoque fuselage
  • Carbon wing stressed to over 30G
  • + / -12 G operations
  • Full-span ailerons produce a roll rate in excess of 400 degrees / sec
  • Engine AEIO 540 EXP
  • Fuel injected, air-cooled, six cylinder flat 6 300 HP Lycoming engine
  • Capacity 540 cubic inches
  • 2.3 Kgs / HP at display weight
  • 180 kts cruise / 210 kts max level speed
  • Maximum diving speed 240kts/408km (VNE)
  • 225 litre fuel tank
  • 650 nautical mile range

All our aircraft are maintained by the best UK company in the business: Wycombe Air Park based AIR TRAINING SERVICES (01494 473664).