Lamb 3rd in Qualifying at Ascot Air Race

Posted on: 30th Nov -0001

McLeod mastered the challenging course set up above the historic horse race track west of London on a bright but blustery day and posted a winning time of 1:10.698. France’s Nicolas Ivanoff was second on 1:11.585 while Lamb took third in 1:11.842. Arch, who has won two of the first four races this season, was in fifth while the woes of reigning world champion Bonhomme continued as he finished a distant and disappointing seventh."I had a great time and Im really happy with my position. I think my first run set me up nicely for mysecond Qualifying run. I just took some more risks on the second run, turned in a little earlier on thegates. I wanted to fly penalty free and even though I risked a bit more in the second run it worked" said McLeod.The 12 pilots in the world’s fastest motorsport series delighted the big Qualifying Day crowd, fashionably dressed as they watched from the grandstands and grass terraces, as they roared past from the first standing start in the sport’s history. The cheers were loudest for Britain’s Bonhomme, who is second in the championship behind Arch, and Lamb, who is third overall. Both put in solid runs on the undulating course filled with trees, shrubbery, ponds and other obstacles.